Sravanthi Joshi

An artist from Bangalore with enthusiasm in photography and physics.

canvas painting
charcoal sketch
Sravanthi Joshi

About Me

Born with a free will and living with a passion; I'm old enough to know the substantive-ness of life. Art is my stage sketching and painting are my portals to imaginative worlds. Physics is a part connecting reality and artistic visionary dreams.

Reading, Painting, Photography, Playing Guitar are cathartic activities of my life.

Seeing the world at perfection is my dream. In order to achieve that I am trying to be an artistic physicist.


My Artwork

Working and manifesting imaginations in Black and White is my passion. For this to be brought to materialistic form I use Charcoal and Graphite. This passion has helped me to be well versed in monochromatic sketches.

For fineness and colors smerging with each other perfectly giving a beautiful detail of painting; I have started learning Oil-painting and Acrylic-painting. But I admit, I am still learning these art forms and experimenting with different art forms that come to my notice.

You can check my artwork on : behance /sravanthijoshi or sravanthijoshi.deviantart


My Photography

Nature at its best. A photograph can capture anything with the minutest details that even the naked eye can miss at times. That kept me ever excited to capture everything that catches my eye. Clicking photos of nature, landscapes and people are my best interest.

I am currently experimenting to capture flames, bubbles, droplets, macro-photography, sun rays and many more.

You can check the images I clicked on : 500px /sravanthijoshi


Conact Me

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